• Jane Monroe

A memorable dinner date with a new sub

Have you ever wondered what it would it be like to go on a dinner date with your dominatrix? To share a fabulous experience at one of Londons finest restaurants. To dine as companions, to appear as lovers to others while anticipating a night of debauchery and discipline ahead..

Well let me tell you about it..

I am a big foodie food brings me a lot of pleasure, a good meal is as good as sex to me. Trying new dishes, new cuisines and learning about new cultures within dining excites me and for that reason I can't think of a better way to get to know someone than over a meal.

Recently I was meeting with a new sub, we were both very keen on spending some quality time together as well as play time in order for us to really get to know each other and for us to feel truly comfortable and ready to embark on this journey together, this all being very new to my sub who is very eager to learn and please. He shared my interest in fine dining and new experiences, so we decided to try out Londons Ikoyi in St James, I had my eye on this classy, contemporary little spot for 2 years previous to attending but didn't get a chance to visit with Covid. I had heard extraordinary feedback from friends and critics so I just had to try it, all I was waiting for was the perfect date to enjoy it with.

Ikoyi, is a contemporary West African inspired restaurant that builds its own spice-based cuisine around British micro-seasonality, the foundation for the menu is a vast collection of spices with a focus on sub-Saharan West Africa. An elaborate tasting menu that consists of 13 dishes all meticulously prepared and presented. We enjoyed each and every bite, each dish containing flavour so different to anything I had tasted before it really was an experience not just a meal, equally I enjoyed photographing each dish as you can see above. Almost having to roll ourselves out the door and to the hotel, we did not waste anything.

Once leaving the restaurant we attempted getting a cab but being a busy night in central that proved to be difficult, instead we enjoyed a nice walk back, the hotel wasn't very far but of course I was wearing impractical shoes.. Anyhow, the walk happened to be quite refreshing after a huge meal and, there is nothing quite like observing the city night life with a gentleman on your arm that is there to serve you and your needs.

Arriving at the hotel my sub had booked for us, I was surprised with a thoughtful gift, something he brought from home, something to introduce me to and welcome me to his city, a gesture to say I am welcome in the future. He really did pull out all the stops, I was very impressed.

Although it was only the first time we met, we clicked instantly and really got to know each other and each others interests during our dinner and walk so, play came quite naturally. We decided to take it slow, as what is the rush? Exploring kink is not something to be rushed, it is a process that should be taken step by step and my sub agreed. We had a lovely evening of great food, conversation, worship and degradation. A perfect first meet in my eyes, I anticipate our next meet and look forward to our journey.

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