Your curvy Goth-chic gf, available for dinner dates, shorter intimate meetings, sleepovers, weekends away and holidays, FMTY & TMTY. My suitors have described me as genuine, down to earth and as having an intimate sexuality. It has been said that 'I could say mass', a conversationalist. I am always happy to engage in diverse conversation or to take the lead, if you're a little on the shy side. Sit back, relax and have the time of your life, it's all about enjoying ourselves and each other however we please, let's get up to no good together and ignore the responsibilities of everyday life for awhile. We can explore the streets and then under the sheets. 

If you are interested in a dinner date which is my favourite way to get to know someone, you should check out my date time section if you need a little help. Dining out is one of my favourite activities and I happen to know a thing or 2 about good food in London. Let me be your tour guide. I favour a contemporary menu, Mediterranean, French, Vietnamese are some of my favourite cuisines but I have a varied palette and I love experiencing something new, try me.

I love a date to a gallery an exhibition, Art is my forte, I am well versed in contemporary art as my degree is in this area so, I'm always happy to have a good conversation on the topic if that's something you're interested in or to pick a show for us to attend. I would also really enjoy attending the Theatre, opera or to accompany you to a gig or event, but I am also more than satisfied with a simple park date with some gelato. Basically, I'm content to do pretty much anything when in good company, I'm not hard to please. I appreciate any gesture big or small, the only thing I ask of you is that you are kind and show me respect.


Vanilla or kinky?


There's something for everyone and I myself by nature am a versatile woman. As you have probably already gathered by now I am a dominant in regards to my kinky play but.. I am also a pillow princess and intimate lover. I enjoy the deep connections formed through both kink play and sex, I appreciate both equally, I also like combining the two. If you are like me and enjoy the experience of both kink and sex, I offer a kinky GFE. 

The kinky GFE

For those of you who are new to the kink world and need an introduction, perhaps would like a taste of something a little out of the ordinary or are just not submissive but like to indulge in kink and filth and then those of you who are experienced but enjoy the best of both worlds. I offer a kinky Girlfriend experience. 

Have you fantasised about a dominant goth girl tying you up and teasing you? Have you fantasised about longing for your breath under an ass made for smothering. Have you thought about worshiping the little feet of a petite goth goddess? All the while enjoying a sensual, intimate experience. If so, my kink GFE may be just for you, A cross between GFE and domination. 

It is recommended that you book at-least 1.5hrs kinky GFE if you are interested in exploring kinks like, pegging, WS, sissification, CBT.



Deposit to be paid online, balance to be paid in cash upon arrival OR a full payment is to be paid via bank transfer 2hrs before the booking. This is to avoid any issues with delayed transfers. 

All bookings require a deposit of 20-50% to reserve a space, Deposits are non-refundable.

Cancellations up to 48hrs before our date will be given 1 opportunity to reschedule with the deposit they have already paid and will incur a small booking fee of £10 to be paid upon rescheduling, this booking must be made for within the same month and on the day of cancellation.

Last minute cancellations will incur a cancellation fee of 50% of the booking fee, if not paid I won't see you at any future date.

Bookings of 3hrs+ require social time & a meal.

Payment methods: bank transfer, bitcoin, chosen giftcard (+25% to pay by gift-card) In order of preferred.

Out of hours bookings will cost +£50 ph (hours are 12-10pm Mon-Fri).

When paying the deposit please write the reference on the transfer as something discrete or do not write one at all, thanks.

If you chose to contact via email or phone, use the booking form as a guideline, messages/emails not using this structure are unlikely to get a reply.

If we are meeting in a public place for a social date or starting the evening with a social date please hand me my patronage in a gift bag or make the transfer before the date begins.



Social date 2.5hrs (minimum) - £300


1/2 hr 

In - £150


In - £250

Out - £300

Kinky GFE 1hr

- Explore 1-2 of your kinks and enjoy vanilla GFE too.

In - £250

Out - £300

Kinky GFE 1.5hr

- Explore a few kinks and enjoy vanilla GFE too.

In - £400

Out - £450

Couples bookings

1.5hr (min)

Out - £550

Please consult with me on the kinks you'd like to explore in our kinky GFE booking and I will advise a suitable amount of time. Some kinks may require a longer booking time which is why I suggest you book longer than 1 hour if you want to explore more than 1 or 2 kinks in the kinky GFE. 

Dinner date 3.5hrs -£600 

(2hrs - dinner/travel, 1.5hrs - under the sheets or in the dungeon) + £200 for each additional hour afterward if you chose to extend.

Overnight stays

Overnight 12hrs - £1,500

(sharing bed)

Overnight 12hrs - £1,200

(seperate beds)

Outcall only.

I require at least 6hrs of undisturbed sleep.

Meal out mandatory, please consult with me first when choosing a restaurant. You can refer to my recommendations list on the 'Date time' section.

Breakfast mandatory if additional hrs are added. Additional hrs are £200 p/h.

24hr date

Out - £2,000

Must include regular meals, activities/outings & 8hrs sleep. + travel expenses if outside of London.

48 hr date

Out - £4,000

Must include regular meals, activities/outings & 8hrs sleep each night. + travel expenses if outside of London. 

Please enquire through my booking form for dates longer with a breakdown of your date idea for a quote.


Booking form

Please fill out all sections to be considered.

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